I am Finally 21 Years Old : Goodbye Childhood

The day came, I finally hit the golden year for young adults. I am now 21 years old. Now that I am 21, people have started asking me constantly if it feels any different. Honestly, it does not. The only difference it makes is that I feel like I am now held completely 100% liable for any mistakes I make and bad decisions!

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I can’t believe that I’m finally 21 years old! I like to consider myself as a young entrepreneur. Honestly, It’s a great feeling to be this young and to have people be inspired by me. I’m not saying that a lot of people look up to me, but having a few is just amazing. My 21st birthday beats all my other birthdays I have had till now. I don’t like to celebrate my birthday because I don’t like all the attention, but this day was a special one. I can go gamble and buy alcohol now! Even though I don’t like to drink or lose money. From the moment I turned 21 till the last second of the day, I all set to spend all my time with my family and friends. I even consider my closest friends as family. It was great to have all these important people in my life to be with me on this day. I’m lucky to have so many loved ones around me. Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes.

Goodbye Childhood, Welcome Adulthood: Turning 21 years old


Chiranjeev Kumar Birthday, Chiranjeev Birthday

A wonderful day starts with God (Sachin Tendulkar).

And now, one more year has nearly passed, and I have turned the big 2-1. The day that I turn into a real adult – whatever that means – as decided by the world. Yes I am now legally able to drink alcoholic beverages, but that isn’t something to look forward to since I am a person who does not drink, or smoke. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried it before. Hence, the reason I stay away from it at the best of my ability.


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My close friends or anyone who somehow decides my birthday is important enough via the joke of a Facebook event they received? I have got enormous number of Birthday wishes through Facebook Wall post, Messages and comments. Once again I want to send my heartiest thanks to everyone who wished on my Birthday for making it this special.

But now that I am 21 years old, I view it in a sense of me being another year past birth and another year closer to death. I don’t mean to sound nonchalant about it, but it’s just another humble day. Happy Birthday to me.

Now it’s your turn; tell me what you did to celebrate your 21st or how you plan to ring in your own Birthday this year. I need ideas and I’ll love to listen from you people.

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