I am Twenty


Well, I turn physically 20 years old today! I have spent one of the best year of my splendid life and now became Twenty years old. Although it doesn’t feel anything different than last year. It’s not easy, I will not really adjust with myself of being 20.

Chiranjeev Kumar, Chiranjeev

  • First of all I want to give my heartiest Thanks to my family to brought me through each and every of my twenty birthdays.
  • Thank you to all who has been a part of my life.
  • Thank you to all my friends for supporting me in every moment.
  • At last, Thank you God for giving me yet another year.

This is what I’m gonna say, the journey of my life starts from 06th March. As, I have accepted being old since I was 18. I had always looked older than my actual age, So I am fed up of getting annoyed with people saying I look “mature” and on top of that, I live a life of 30s.

Anyway, I am 20+ now. But I just wish some things would hurry up a little faster. Like, I might be able to finally settle on a job. Though I don’t ever really want to work. I want to blog and have my own network to work. So badly, It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. And people interest me so much. So once I get out of my university, I’m off to starting my own dream.
I have about a million journals to fill, so watch out, maybe I’ll meet you along the way.

Love, Chiranjeev

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  1. With every passing year you grow naughtier, smarter, cleverer, more caring, more fun and more mature………..Just kidding dude! Haha. Happy Birthday.

  2. Robinsh says:

    Hello Chiranjeev, first of all wishing you a very very happy birthday and secondly I would like to see you as a successful blogger in near future.

    I believes in giving away the JOBS so that’s not impressive if you are looking for a JOB because you have time and you can create a company to employ others.

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