15 Day Challenge: Being almost Off from the Internet


Hello friends, It’s time of being almost away from the Internet. My final year exam is going to be held in next month. The problem is, There are many things I have yet to study as well as I have to complete my many online projects, which I am working from couple of months. So I have finally decided not to use Internet badly such as Emails, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Has anyone else done such a challenge?

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It seems to be simple but it’s very hard to do. I know, its not easy to handle both study and online business and blogs. I won’t be able to update even my blog (TechClause) frequently.

In these next two weeks I’m going to try to unplug from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or I will be almost away from social media and social networking sites.  I’m also not going to reply any email and messages for next two weeks.

So, I’m going to start out with two week without Internet or being almost off from the Internet.  As my final semester exam will start from 7th may 2013, and I can’t wait to study some books related to my syllabus.

What do you do at your exam time? Is there something you always do at your exam time? Is there any best way to maintain, study and Internet at a time. Feel free to share your view.

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